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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in one of his public events, famously echoed the words, “Vocal for Local”, which triggered a novel concept called “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India) that aims at making India a powerful market for local products. Earlier, Gandhiji advocated the spirit of ‘Swadeshi’, which encouraged the use of local goods by creating industries and markets for them. More important, it was a call to revive and encourage indigenous industries. It is time we appreciate our native products, and for all the good reasons.

The main objective of THE NATIVE PRODUCTS platform is to increase the prospects and potential of domestic manufacturing and consumption, for which a number of government policies and plans including ‘Start-up India’, ‘Make in India’, and ‘Digital India’ have been in place. The Government also provides tax breaks and several other incentives to companies that manufacture their products locally.


THE NATIVE PRODUCTS platform is proudly built by By The Startups, one of the biggest business communities, based out of the industrial city of Coimbatore, South India. We invite all native or local product manufacturers to list their products here. We encourage only local products, be them anything, which deserves listing. Together, we will create the biggest community-based directory for native or local manufacturers from all across the world. The outcome, we believe, will be worth the effort in terms of visibility—both offline and online—networking, leads, connects, and maybe even conversion.

THE NATIVE PRODUCTS platform by this also strives to create an environmentally friendly world and support the local communities around. Buying local also means purchasing items that are manufactured or grown near your home or locality (in your city or state). By buying food and other products that are manufactured locally, you are giving the local economy a fillip, thereby creating new jobs. The community earns revenue; families and groups are supported, and several small businesses are created.

Disclaimer: As ethics demand, in spite of our rich digital marketing experience, we do not guarantee listed/featured companies/organizations with sales, leads, conversion, web traffic, or search engine rankings for keywords on THE NATIVE PRODUCTS platform whatsoever. What we do believe is the power of our Business Community that can refer businesses through online and offline meets and other community activities and greater visibility, both online and offline.

Note that THE NATIVE PRODUCTS is a NO FREE PLATFORM and involves Submission and Annual Renewal charges. Kindly call us at +91-9952484192, or email us at bythestartups@gmail.com for enquires regarding the listing of business or posting business PR story & News or joining as a member in the BY THE STARTUPS Community. We will definitely get back to you with the charges, format, and process of submission.