This section invites all native or local product manufacturers/producers to list their products. Together, we will create the biggest community-based directory for native or local manufacturers from all across the world. The outcome, we believe, will be worth the effort in terms of visibility—both offline and online—networking, leads, connects, and conversion. We also strive to create an eco-friendly world and support the local communities around us. By buying food and other products that are manufactured locally, you are giving the local economy a fillip, thereby creating new jobs through the creation of several small businesses.

Note: Clients are requested not to share any of our questionnaires with others, as they are confidential, and shared only between the client and BTS.

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Reply to all the questions provided under General section first, and then answer the questions below:

✓ What are the factors important to your targets when choosing to buy locally?

✓ Where can we buy your products physical/online?

✓Tell us about your R & D/ product development.

✓ How did you conduct your market research?

✓ How do you ensure product quality?

✓ How do your products help the environment?

✓ Where do you source your materials from?

✓ What makes your product ‘local’/’native’? Do you follow any specific culture (Halal, Kosher, etc)?

Multimedia Type for submission

S.No.Multimedia TypeRequired
1.Images*Products (2)
Facility/infrastructure/setup, if available (2)  
2.Company logo 1
3.YouTube link of either products or facility/infrastructure/setup  /business owner1
4.Image of Founder(s)/Business owner(s)1